The Competitive Runner's Handbook

A Great Reference Book for runners abilities

This book covers everything with regards to training, equipment, nutrition, and crosstraining for everything from running the 5K race to the  marathon. The language is very simple to understand, and provides useful  charts with regards to times in age-class groups, and how they would rank  in a field of runners, from your back of the pack runners to your elite runner. It also accounts for clothing, warming up, cooling down, and everything  imaginable related to running. If you don’t have a coach, or can’t afford one, this is  probably your best alternative in terms of learning how to train  effectively and properly. Bob and Shelley-Lynn really know what they are talking about, and even the seasoned veterans might find it useful. I have  been running off and on since 1983, but I didn’t have any real ideas of how to train and eat right until I read this book with regards to competitive running. This book is highly recommended if you intend to race competitively in the 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon and/or marathon. This should be your Running Bible. If you haven’t ran in a while, I suggest consult your family physician before you begin training, especially if you’re really out of shape,  overweight, and a smoker or drinker. It’s probably best to use it as a reference guide if you don’t have the time to read through all the book at once. This book is broken down into sections and chapters as follows:

Introduction: Challenge of Competitive Running
PART I: Basic Training
1. Categories of Basic Runners
2. Key Ingredients to Successful Racing
3. Basic Training Principles
4. The Warm-Up and Cool-Down
5. Training Pace
6. Training Mileage
7. The Runner’s Training Diary

PART II: Speed Training
8. Introduction to Speed Training
9. A Simplified 12-Week Speed Training Program
10. Interval Training
11. Hill Training
12. Fartlek Training
13. Tempo Training

PART III: Planning Your Training
14. The Training Schedule
15. How To Write Your Own Training Schedule

PART IV: Specific Training for Racing
16. The Novice Competitor
17. 5K Training and Racing
18. 10K Training and Racing
19. Half-Marathon Training and Racing

Part V: Marathon Training and Racing
20. The First-Time Marathoner
21. Marathon Build-Up Training
22. Marathon Countdown
23. Marathon Strategy
24. The Aftermarathon

Part VI: Mental Aspects of Competitive Running
25. Goal Setting and Race Time Prediction
26. Motivation
27. Mental Training
28. Prerace Logistics and Day-of-Race Routine
29. Race Strategy
30. Race Tactics

Part VII: Running Form and Shoes
31. Running Form and Economy
32. Running Shoes

Part VIII: Food and Drink for Health and Performance
33. Fuel and Nutrition for Running
34. Hydration and Running
35. Performance Weight

Part IX: The Running Environment
36. Hot Weather Running
37. Cold Weather Running

Part X: Specific Competitors
38. The Masters Competitor
39. The Female Competitor

40. The Young Competitor

Part XI: Illness and Injury
41. Illness
42. Injury

Part XII: Special Training
43. Strength Training
44. Stretching
45. Cross-Training
46. Treadmill Training
47. Heart-Rate Monitor Training

Part XIII:
48. Balancing Running With Life


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